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jeff buenz

Guitar wizard Jeff Buenz has enjoyed a rich, varied career performing his five-string magic in bands as varied as the Stanley Turrentine Quartet and the Doobie Borthers. Essentially self-taught, Buenz's searing virtuosity is distinguished by a highly individualized approach.

As active on the Brazilian music scene as he is in jazz, Buenz has performed with internationally-renowned Brazilian artists Flora Purim & Airto and Toninho Horta, and for eight years has played electric bass and guitar in the popular Brazilian dance band Viva Brazil. He has performed and/or recorded with Columbian singer/songwriter Claudia Gomez, jazz saxophonist Harvey Wainapel, and jazz vocalist Madeline Eastman, among many others.

For the past three years Buenz has co-led (together with saxophonist Mel Ellison) the adventurous quartet Left Turn No Signal, a highly improvised amalgamation featuring the original compositions of its co-leaders.

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