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Talent Deserving Wider Recognition
International Down Beat Critics Poll 1995-2000

"As exciting as music gets"

"A sizzling performance... the standing room-only crowd,
who were on their feet, loudly praised the music."
Village Voice

"Dyer is not only emotionally authentic, [she] is revelatory."
Down Beat

"...sensual imagery of mermaids, fountains of blood, and honey licked from the knife. It was jazz reaching a level of poetry that transcended any specific cultural tie."

"Consistently compelling."
Los Angeles Times

"this bird can sing" 
Philadelphia City Paper
"Dyer transcends conceptual art to let you know directly who she is."
Chicago Sun Times

"Dyer's experimentation is consistently fascinating."
Chicago Reader 
(on Revolver: A New Spin) 
"One of the Top Ten Recordings of 2000"
Village Voice
"One of the top five recordings of the year."
Jazz Times
"Make the Beatles sound new? Darned if Dyer has come closer than anyone has - or dared to - before."
New York Newsday
"Dyer uses wiles from jazz and rock training to crack open a classic."
New York Times

"Less a cover than a deeply lived-in meditation, employing
a panoply of styles with a sleepy-eyed luxuriousness and much wit."
Village Voice

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